Our Vision

To prepare dynamic and caring citizens of tomorrow to meet the challenges of a global society while retaining their traditional values.


Teaching and learning to be made simple and enjoyable, and most importantly, within the reach of students and their guardians alike.


To be a centre of excellence in education which, in keeping with the rich heritage of India, will stress on the simultaneous development of body, mind and spirit, and will strive to create compassionate, responsible and innovative global citizens who are committed to the development of India.


The primary aim of the school is to impart and lay emphasis on sound moral education, values, principles, skills and knowledge and thereby encourage students to strive for excellence in all fields of endeavor.


The entire gamut of activities in Holy Mission Senior Secondary School reflects its objective of nurturing young children and making them responsible adults who can make a positive contribution to the world. A comprehensive academic and co-curricular programme, experienced faculty members, personal attention & care, and state-of-the-art infrastructure collectively ensure that the education a child receives at Holy Mission Senior Secondary School is holistic and complete.