At The Nursery Level

The child should gradually be made aware of the world outside it, so that a child in slow degrees ceases to be only concerned with himself/herself and the immediate family and takes into consideration the needs and purposes of the social, ethical and natural world in his / her surroundings. This process of drawing out, at such a tender age, must be accompanied by an abundance of colour, play, music rhyme and rhythm .

At The Primary Level

The imparting of knowledge in various forms has to begin through the study of languages, literature and other subjects. With this growing acquisition in knowledge, one must also bear in mind the emphasis on the training of mind - the power to think and judge for oneself. A responsible teacher must never forget the co-relation between the two, without wisdom, knowledge is of no use.

At The Secondary Level

Students must be encouraged and given the right environment to voice their concerns and verify their knowledge. They must be led gently towards evaluating everything that mankind has gathered and assessed down the ages, in light of their own experience. Teachers must try to instill a sense of right and wrong at the very initiation level and to encourage students to think less of themselves and more of others. Only knowledge which is gleaned through wisdom can lead to emancipation.

System Of Education, Curriculum And Medium Of Instruction

The system of education is based on CBSE Curriculum. 

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The medium of instruction and communication in the premises is English. Proper care is taken in the teaching of English at different levels. However, there is an emphasis on achieving a better standard in Hindi and Sanskrit as well.