Director's Message (Tanmay)
“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” – Albert Einstein

True Education is not about the subjects taught in the School, it is what lingers behind long after one has crossed the limits of formal education. Einstein also maintained that if you cannot teach something simply, it means you yourself have not grasped it in full measure. This has been the motto of my education journey. Providing children the access to premium, quality education in easy-going and simple manner has been my personal motto. Education should be about the journey, not the destination. It has to be fun, enjoyable and engaging and that is exactly the kind of ambience we seek to establish in our School wherein the relationship between teacher and the student is based on mutual respect and affection between the teacher and the ward, wherein discipline is not about imposing authority but respecting mutually decided boundaries of politeness, courtesy and decorum.

In today’s digital age, education enables those who are the facilitators of knowledge to provide the children access to the entire world and by virtue of our latest Smart Class technology, we have so far been successful in leveraging this innovation for our cause.

Children within our campus are constantly encouraged to ask questions and seek answers. Curiosity is not frowned upon but cherished within the classroom and out of it because the more they search for knowledge, the more their mind shall broaden and expand.

Creativity, imagination and inculcation of value system are of equal or greater importance than the pursuit of academic excellence. Through our co-curricular and extra-curricular classes and a constant grounding in ethics and values, we seek to inspire our children to grow up as citizens of the world who can make a positive contribution to its welfare.

My message to all my students, teachers , guardians and associates is that let us take up education as an adventure , a challenge , rather than an onerous task and let us enjoy every bit of the journey from darkness to light through reading, observation and discussion.