Mathematics Lab

A designated space within the School Premises to nurture, promote and inspire the learning of Math in a fun-filled, engaging and practical manner was the objective behind setting up the Math lab. A collection of games, puzzles and other teaching and learning materials are within reach of the students and teachers alike to discover, learn and explore their love for mathematics. Theses varied activities and learning tools help create interest and let them explore some of their ideas and beliefs about mathematics.

The activities in the math lab have been designed to cater to age-appropriate levels of varying mathematical proficiency. Students love the idea of actually doing and understanding mathematics than just learning things by rote and formulae.

It is a self-explanatory lab in which teachers facilitate the student led learning process either through probing questions or by making additional resources available or through casual discussion with peers and faculty members.

Science Lab

Science Labs support and encourage learning by fuelling the curiosity and interest in each child by providing an environment that addresses their how’s, why’s and what’s. 

The overlapping of real life experience and practical knowledge allows them room for better comprehension. An immersive approach to learning inspires them to explore advanced careers in Science  and research while stimulating experience in the Science labs allow children to  participate in scientific progression on a first hand basis. 

Three specially structured Science Labs in (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) make use of state of the art technology to make learning fun and engaging. New resources are added and new techniques incorporated at the beginning of every School Year to keep learning relevant and updated.

Students are actively encouraged to make optimum use of these labs to better understand, assimilate and comprehend the education they receive in classes through teachers and course books by practical application of the knowledge in these well-equipped laboratories.

Activity Centre

An Activity centre is today accepted the world over as one of the pre-requisite for a child’s overall physical and mental development. 

Our enhanced Activity Centre aims to equip the students to learn various aspects of the curriculum outside the purview of classroom education.

It provides a fun, engaging and immersive approach to enable students to get involved in drama and learn the basics of voice-modulation, personal coping strategies, self-confidence,  art of public speaking and language skills for overall development. It also provides a platform to appreciate the finer nuances of art, creativity, music and dance through a wide variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities catering to all age groups and levels.


Sports Facilities

The advantage of sports and games in the development of mental agility, physical strength and overall personality of a child cannot be over-emphasized. At HMSSS, the concept of physical activity is taken several notches further by introducing the fun element in sports and games to make health an interactive and engaging process.
Sports curriculum forms an integral part of our daily routine since research has proven that  a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

The Sports Facilities being provided at our School pertains to a wide variety of indoor (chess, carom, table tennis, aerobics) and outdoor games such as gymnastics, volleyball, football, basket ball and cricket. Every student is encouraged to compulsorily participate in 1 indoor and 1 outdoor sport activity to keep them fit, active and in good health.

Yoga has compulsorily been introduced to maintain mental equanimity and develop control over mind which is so intrinsic to success in all aspects of life.


At HMSSS, we realize that a fully dedicated and designated space to tend to the ailing students is key to their well-being. Our fully equipped and well-attended Infirmary provide first aid and medical attention and the much needed space for students to rest and recover, whenever they feel any such discomfort.

 Our School Infirmary is equipped with beds and other necessary equipments and facilities to address the immediate health concerns, if any arising within the School premises.

First Aid is administered in the School Infirmary and parents are duly informed. In the event of any medical emergency requiring more advanced medical attention, the student is then escorted to the nearest hospital and the guardian is kept in constant loop to avoid any miscommunication.

The School Infirmary is also instructed to maintain detailed medical record of any students with medical history that requires close supervision. The basic first aid kit is also made available in other critical zones such as Sports room, laboratories and School Buses.

Digital Classroom

The unprecedented pace at which technology is making rapid progression, makes it imperative to introduce the concept of ‘Digital Classrooms’; which is a technology enabled classroom wherein Information and Communication Technology drives and supports the learning and interaction process between students and teachers.

The objective behind setting up these classrooms is to keep pace with the times, empower the teachers to take learning initiative beyond the narrow confines of text book material, develop key skills in students pertaining to critical thinking, creativity and communication, as also to introduce the essence of concept building skill and stimulating the minds and intellect of the students.

The advantage of making the next generation tech-savvy  from a young age and providing instant  assessment   and feedback makes e-learning  the next step to education revolution wherein students can arrive, learn, engage , all at -their own comfortable pace in an open environment.

Through our Digital Classroom concept, we create a learning environment that supports 21st century learning in order to accommodate, expand and foster use of technology by our students under proper guidance.